Established as a forward-thinking consolidation consortium, General Health Group (GHG) is a leading and innovative investment firm taking the charge to synergize the highly fragmented healthcare industry. Founded with a clear vision to be the pre-eminent leader of consolidation in the marketplace, we are seeking to invest in small to mid-size healthcare practices like yours and to take them to the next level of profitability. This result is methodically achieved through careful and thoughtful processes meant to fill the existing gaps and intentional blending of duplication across the board. Today more than ever, healthcare and medical groups are merging to improve profitability and leverage the bargaining power gained through these transactions. This wave if fueled by the ever-increasing healthcare costs from both a business and consumer perspective. Consolidation has become so pivotal in the growth of many practices that it is now becoming a top exit strategy for senior stakeholders and small business owners alike. Consolidation has beneficially increased competition among healthcare organizations, bringing the overall cost of doing business down extensively. This has also garnered a more consistent quality of care delivery and execution of priorities that has proven to aid in client retentions. In addition, talented specialists among the medical staff can be pooled and service different locations, making quality healthcare more accessible regardless of geographic location. Consolidation does not need to happen at the end of your career, we are working with an increasing number of practice owners who are looking to eliminate the complexities of running a business so that they can focus solely on patient care and experience. A more centralized approach to the operational processes has alleviated many of the redundancies that can be found in these areas so that Doctors, Physicians, and Specialists can get back to focusing solely on their jobs.

Unlike private equity firms and venture capital firms, GHG’s investment strategies and methods are what truly set us apart. At the helm of our organization sits a vastly experienced leadership team with hands on industry experience and business acumen needed to lay foundations that promote exponential growth in the healthcare industry. To say we are proud of the tenured portfolios of our team is an understatement.  With a combined $1.9B in acquisitions, our board of experts consists of CEOs, Presidents, and Senior Partners of prestigious organizations such as WFMG, Trinity Health, United HealthCare, McKesson Corp., Dentons Law Firm and more. Our scalability and experience are what differentiate us from the marketplace. We work together to bring the same scope of knowledge that supported the growth of these world class organizations through the doors of your practice with the same due diligence.

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With over a
combined value of

$5B in Acquisitions

Upon entering an investment and acquisition agreement with us, we will work closely with you to ensure the business and talent you have worked so hard to build over the generations remains

in-tact and keeps its core values in view. We strive to keep our process in alignment with framework you set down in the early days of developing your business. In fact, we encourage you to stay on board for a designated amount of time post acquisition. Having senior leadership on hand during the transition aids in making the transition as seamless as possible not only for the existing staff but also while all the components of the operation are refined into profit driving powerhouses. This strategic investment and acquisition methodology was developed to help you envision your exit strategy and to provide you with the piece of mind that your dedicated staff is remains on-board in the new entity and are in position to grow and thrive in their new working environment. We will look inside your business from the top down and invest in all opportunities for growth and refinement.  When areas in need of improved efficiency have been identified, we lay out a clear path that removes bottlenecks and keeps the flow of profitability trending upwards in a direction of sustained growth.​ There is no denying that the benefits of healthcare consolidation are far reaching with the intent to optimize every corner of your practice. While some changes occur gradually through sustained and diligent effort, there are some areas that we find we can streamline or identify for improvement early on.