Beauty & Wellness / Cosmetic Surgery

The beauty and wellness industry is experiencing a wave of change both in its immediate future and on the horizon. From nail salons, all the way to cosmetic surgery practices, these small to medium-sized establishments are reaping the benefits and efficiencies obtained through consolidation by way of mergers and acquisitions. After consolidation, the effects are noticeable, consistent and high-quality performance is felt across the board with increased improvement in marketing reach, branding, inventory management, licensing, quality, and hygiene.

Mergers and acquisitions deals in cosmetic surgery are making this service as mainstream as something such as dentistry. The far-reaching capabilities of consolidation has drastically reduced the cost of procedures that were only available to the wealthy. Due to the significant expansion, this market is now open to the average consumer and they are receiving the same cutting-edge techniques used in high profile practices.


At General Health Group, our innovative leadership team is looking to invest in groundbreaking businesses like yours so that we can bring your innovations to the forefront of the industry. Our strategic investing method will help you transition into your exit strategy and help you to realize your well-deserved financial security goals. Our partners have a deep understanding of the cosmetic surgery and skincare industry and how critical it has grown to consumers. With our knowledge, we can take your concept and methods above and beyond the scope of what was initially thought possible.