The future of chiropractic care looks much different than it does today; advancements in technology and improved efficiencies are made daily. Staying relevant also means keeping up with expensive upgrades and methods, keeping employees trained on the latest techniques. All this, coupled with maintaining an aggressive marketing and advertising campaign, can put an immense amount of pressure on the practice's profitability. Many practices are finding relief from the increasing financial burden of growth through consolidation.


Mergers and acquisitions are a key success driver for many chiropractic practices. Acquired practices benefit from expansion, reduced costs, increased efficiency, and even tackle large competitors. Furthermore, with the recently added tax cuts and the impending retirement of many private practice owners, these transactions are on the upswing.


The overall improvement of business practices can have long withstanding effects on the bottom line and the acquisition of talent from consolidation. Post-merger leaders have found that empowering their most talented employees to succeed became significantly more manageable. The ability to offer options for growth within an organization increases employee retention, which in turn leads to a tenured staff.


General Health Group works to integrate rigor, focus, talent, and profitability into all its acquisitions. The Chiropractic industry has proven to be a prime candidate that would benefit from our expertise and proven methods of consolidation by finding operational synergies and efficiencies.