The dental industry is quickly evolving from an individualized cottage industry to an industry driven by college graduates who are opting not to run a practice alone. The reason behind this thought process is the intent of focusing exclusively on patient care while a dedicated and centralized staff handles operational duties. Investors like us at General Health Group have identified a need for investor acquisition and consolidation that supports this way of doing business. With each passing year, a larger percentage of existing practices are noticing the potential of growth after shifting to a more corporate model. Our methodology has been enhanced to acquire existing smaller dental practices and to move their operations to a blended powerhouse that will drive effective change and promote exponential growth. Upon acquisition, the impacts on the bottom line are almost immediately recognized with increased revenues, opportunities for expansion, debt management, and skilled talent retention. In addition to the potential for high profitability, the dental industry carries with it a perceived sense of insulation from insurance regulation due to the fact that it currently enjoys a largely commercial based or cash-pay business model.

Our team has the experience to make the transition of your business ownership from your hands to the hands of our investment firm where we will apply our top to bottom review and begin implementing our operational processes.