Hospice / Home Care

The astounding consolidation of the healthcare industry can be seen and felt in just about every corner of the globe. Strategic mergers and acquisitions have fueled capabilities that were far beyond the reach of any individual organization.  Synergies in the Hospice and Home Care industries were discovered when blending skilled talent and highly valued services.  This finding has set the tone for the future of this sensitive and compassionate side of healthcare.

Newly acquired Palliative care organizations are seeing the immediate benefit of acquisition in its ability to bring much-needed stability that has changed the outlook of their entire operations. With increased access to funding, these institutions can now provide the best end of life care to an ever-aging population that will only increase in size and demand. A demand that can only be met with exponential growth on the business side.  Many small to mid-sized organizations are overwhelmed with an unmanageable number of regulatory roadblocks and increasing requirements set by insurance regulations and government-backed Medicare requirements.

Our team of strategic consolidators are seeking organizations they can acquire and invest in to expand the operational efficiency of the hospice and home care industry. We have found that we can alleviate much of the organizational hindrances that prevent such establishments from operating at their full potential through consolidation.  Our refined methodology lead by experienced investors have a deep understanding of the knowledge needed to evolve existing small businesses into industry powerhouses.