Pharma Manufacturing

Mergers and Acquisitions are a critical component to the growth of many of the large pharmaceutical manufacturers that exist today. This surge of activity has led to a significant degree of consolidation over the past few decades. Big pharma has found that these massive and strategic deals have been the driving factor in their resounding growth. Not only has pharma manufacturing consolidation expanded their pipelines, but it has also increased their therapeutic services and geographic reach. Specialty companies that started with an idea and received funding through research are prime candidates for acquisition. While these smaller companies are usually at the heart of novel drug development, consolidation has the ability to take these medicines above and beyond the reach that a small to medium-sized start-up could. This includes handling the complex and drawn-out FDA process and then marketing the drug out to medical establishments so that they can be administered to the target group they were intended to help. The final step involves handling the supply and demand chain through manufacturing and that is where consolidation really fills all the gaps.


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