Recent Mergers and acquisitions are changing the pharmacy industry as we know it. With national health care expenditures on the rise, pharmacies are looking for new ways to reduce spending and bend the cost curve to a more manageable level.  One of the key ways to reduce operational costs and improve overall efficiencies is to consolidate and streamline all aspects of the business process.   Another benefit of consolidation is the reduction of prescription costs from the improved renegotiation of rates on a large scale. Larger operations have significantly more buying power and can use their formidable size to drive down the cost of medications from the top-down passing the savings on to the consumer.

Mergers and acquisition of pharmacies are also fueling competitive growth across the industry. With the restructuring of business plans, many competitors are responding by looking at their practices and re-evaluating the areas they need to modify in order to stay ahead of the curve. This effectively drives costs down while increasing growth and expansion into better developed service areas.

Through a targeted financial investment strategy, General Health Group is working to provide the capital needed to restructure this industry and bring affordable medications to the retail space. Owners looking to make an exit and convert their businesses to new ownership are massively benefitting from our all-encompassing investment methodology. Let us help you make the transition.