Physician / ENT

The rule of strength in numbers applies to many aspects of the mergers and acquisitions world. Physicians and ENTs are quickly learning the same rule applies to their own medical practices. An increasing number of medical professionals are looking to consolidate their practices and find new ways to maximize the quality of services they offer without increasing the already high costs of medical care. An acquisition from our firm may be the answer.


In addition to the implementation of a successful transition of ownership, our firm is able to address the top operational priorities for both Physicians and ENTs with our innovative approach. One of those priorities is maintaining strict compliance with all government regulations. After acquisition from General Health Group, and through the implementation of our proven methods, our team will streamline the compliance and regulation process bottlenecks preventing a practice from reaching its full potential. However, compliance is not the only realized improvement; with consolidation comes several new efficiencies such as reduced operational costs, centralized decision making, and most importantly, better availability of medical equipment and services.


COVID-19 was incredibly disruptive to the medical industry. The rise of Telehealth visits has caused many private practice physicians to experience operational uncertainty. A merger and acquisition can help alleviate stress on a practice by increasing overall patient volume, hiring additional talent, and providing specialized care through access to a broader network of Doctors.


Our rigorous approach to integration has consistently created value and increased output from all the practices we acquire from day one.