The practice of Podiatry involves not only great skill but also the management of an ever-changing business environment. That is due to the fluid nature of the medical field as a whole and the increasing demands of the older generation as more podiatry related health issues arise. The pressure to be the best in class has never been more significant. Escalating costs, continuous red tape from compliance and regulations, as well as a flawed healthcare system have caused smaller practices to take a “step back” and evaluate their futures as a small business.

More recently, we have seen a need to have a more centralized approach to podiatry that involves shifting strategic direction towards consolidating smaller practices into more extensive operations. Newly formed central offices and mega practices are reaping the benefits of this all-encompassing way of doing business.  With this, we have seen the issues with insurance and compliance taper off into the sunset when these combined entities realize the need for an experienced office staff specializing in the management of these complex matters. Our acquisitional approach helps small podiatry practices live out their full potential to operate on all cylinders.