Urgent Care

The urgent care industry is seeing a rapid increase in consolidation. Small operations are looking for the security and growth opportunities that larger practices enjoy.  This has spurred a wave of mergers and acquisitions with the goals to increase convenience, promote exponential growth, and to piece together the high level of fragmentation that exists.  Urgent care establishments are typically located in populated neighborhoods and offer convenient hours, same-day appointments, and a more personalized approach to care.  However, it has been identified that there is a clear lack of urgent care centers in rural areas. This is due to the limited reach of smaller practices that rely on the steady influx of patients from the more densely populated areas. For a small business owner, there is simply not enough capital to grow a small chain of care centers into different demographical areas using the same approach. This is where outside investing can help.

General Health Group is on a mission to revolutionize the urgent care industry through our strategic investment approach.  We are laying the foundation for the change catalyst to bring urgent care centers to all neighborhoods while growing their bottom line as a means to bring the same standard of care across the entire industry regardless of location. In addition, our experienced leadership team will restructure the billing management cycle, create scheduling efficiencies, and provide a transparent experience for all patients seeking urgent care.