The overall pace of veterinary clinic consolidation has increased exponentially over the last several years. Many private owners' impending retirement is looming on the horizon, and a succession plan is not always in place. From a business perspective, consolidation brings technical innovation, lower costs, and improved efficiency. After a merger, clinics achieved improved operational processes by eliminating overlapping services in marketing, fiancé, human resources, and inventory management. Additional savings are seen with the increased ability to purchase frequently used products in bulk and invest in cutting edge technology. The trickle-down effect of all these benefits has been passed on to the consumer in the form of lower costs and better standardized care for their cherished pets. Other benefits that come with consolidation are vastly improved diagnostic and treatment options that most small or independently owned clinics cannot provide, such as MRIs and specialists. From a customer service perspective, acquired operations exhibit improved cultural communication, empathy, and the ability to provide individualized quality care with clients and their pets.


With a targeted investor approach, General Health Group works to lay down a methodical framework that produces clear and consistent outcomes for the clinics we acquire. Our protocols are flexible and are continuously improved upon to achieve maximum operation excellence across our established clinics. Our diverse range of services and ability to provide financial buffering allows us to position ourselves for successful acquisition activities. These methods are designed to foster organic growth and encourage seamless transitional synergies. This is both a practice and operational standard we set when acquiring veterinary clinics.