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A leading and innovative investment firm taking the charge to synergize the highly fragmented healthcare industry


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Brand Impact and Awareness

When we begin synergizing your organization, we may give the brand a new and more uniformed look across all the businesses involved in the consolidation....

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Administrative Consolidation

We will strategically merge any obvious redundancies within the businesses and realign them. Some of the areas we look at are human resources, marketing....

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Software Consolidation and Patient Access

We will merge business software into one universal and efficient system that allows for more efficient scheduling, invoicing, reporting and accounting. Online portals....

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Economies of Scale

We identify areas where we can reduce the cost of healthcare services and increase profit margins at the same time using this principle. Resulting in overall decreased....

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Inventory Simplification

We take a hard look at inventory and supply management processes and seek opportunities to buy in larger quantities while maintaining consistency of...


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